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August 25, 2005

All is Well

I'm sorry that I haven't updated you for a few days but I've been busy here at home and at the office after being away for two weeks.  Noah is really doing well to the point that I think Dr. Graham is very pleased.  We were beginning to question if Noah really received the chemicals that his protocol required but Dr. Graham did assure us that they were given to him.  Noah's counts have dropped to all time lows and he has so far received two platelet infusions and one blood transfusion.  Lara commented today that she thinks that this is the best that Noah has felt in at least six months.

It was really difficult to say good-by to Noah and his family but I wasn't feeling too guilty because I knew that Uncle Brian would be arriving the next day.  Lara has said that Brian has been an incredible help because both kids absolutely adore him and he manages to keep them both entertained and happy.  I asked Lara yesterday how Noah was doing and she said that Noah was fine but that Brian was exhasuted.  It's really been helpful for Lara because Brian has been going to the clinic with Noah and stays with him when he gets his platelet infusion or transfusion.  Brian also took the kids to an outdoor restaurant last night so that both Noah could get out and Lara and Andy could sneak out on a "date".

It's really good that Brian is there because Andy had to leave today to go on a business trip for a few days.  The Nelsons will be moving to their more permanent house in Tucson on Friday and Brian will be able to help Lara with the "move" as well.  A few of you have asked for the Tucson address and it will be as follows:  6186 North Placita Pajaro, Tucson, AZ  85718.

So that's about it for now.  We knew that this "mini" stem cell transplant would have the least side effects of the three but we are all surprised at how well Noah is doing.  You have to remember that the chemicals used were five times the intensity of his regular rounds of chemotherapy.  I guess that it must have been a good thing that he had so many stem cells harvested so that they could be implanted to help him recover so well and so quickly.  The last that I heard Noah was up to forty-four pounds so that he really is starting to look more like himself as well. 

Please keep Noah in your prayers because we are still praying that all of the tests and scans done after this procedure will be Neuroblastoma free.  He still has a long road ahead of him but there are a lot of procedures behind him now.  Let's pray that he will feel as well as he does now when everything is behind him.

With lots of love,   Grandma

P.S.  A thanks to Amy for the great dinner she sent down last week.  It was yummy.

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Dear Noah and the troops, I am so happy to hear that Maggie is with you and that you are all together as one big HAPPY family. You tell Uncle Brian that Claudia loves him and tell him to be careful in Germany and if he is flying those planes be extra careful and come back soon! I am so glad Uncle Brian was able to spend time with you. He is a good uncle for sure. Tell your mom and dad that I think they are REMARKABLE parents and you and Sarah are pretty special too. Prayers, big Hugs and oceans of emotions from Camarillo, Claudia and Mike

Posted by: Claudia Bishop | Aug 29, 2005 5:31:45 AM

hey Noah! I'm so glad that you are feeling good today-good for you! I hope you have a good weekend!
your friend,

Posted by: Henry | Aug 26, 2005 2:09:08 PM

Hi Noah,
Or should I say hello Piggy Wiggy? It is great to hear that you are eating everything you can get your hands on! We had chips and salsa for snack today at school. That is no surprise since it is my favorite, and I make up the snack calendars!!! Mrs. Rose and Mrs. Armstrong reminded me that it was a favorite snack in your class, too! I am so glad to know that you are doing well and staying strong and happy. That puts a smile on everyone's faces! Much love and prayers, Mrs. L

Posted by: Trish Langenhuizen | Aug 25, 2005 6:46:59 PM

Great update, Grandma, and what wonderful news! So glad Uncle Brian has been there to help. You all take my breath away...the Allen/Nelson clan is AWESOME!!! Keep up your great work, Noah!! Lots of love, Aunt Kathie and Uncle Jerry xoxo

Posted by: Kathie Allen | Aug 25, 2005 9:42:52 AM

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