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August 29, 2005

Back to Scottsdale

The family packed up and went back to Scottsdale this afternoon for a couple of days.  They will have to go back to Tucson on Thursday so that Noah can have his MRI on Friday.  Sarah kept asking to go home so they decided that it would be nice to be home for a couple of days.  This way Sarah can attend pre-school on both Tuesday and Thursday.  She was able to meet her teachers but wasn't able to attend actual class so tomorrow will be her official first day of school.

As it turns out Noah ended up having an infusion of platelets on Sunday but all of his counts are on the rise and Dr. Graham gave his okay for them to go home for a few days.  It will be nice to have the break from the hospital and be at home.  I'm sure that it will be nice for Andy to be able to work in his comfortable office with all of its working office equipment rather than having to work without even a reliable telephone in Tuscon.

Noah is continuing to do well but once again I'm asking for prayers that the MRI being done on Friday will show no evidence of Neuroblastoma.  Noah will then have to go back to Phoenix to have the MIBG scan done again. Dr. Graham doesn't expect the scans to be any different.  He's planning for the second "mini" stem cell transplant to be scheduled for the fourteenth of September.  So, hopefully, all that Noah has ahead of him for the next couple of weeks are tests and scans. 

I hope the family enjoys their few days at home.  I saw on the news today that Phoenix is suppose to be 111 degrees tomorrow.  I hope those temperatures don't last too long.  It's been so nice to be in the cooler weather of Tucson. They have been able to go up to Mount Lemon on the week-ends and really enjoy some much cooler weather so I hope the heat isn't too disagreeable.  Of course Lara was "freezing" in Tucson when I was staying with them and she kept wanting to turn the air conditioning down so I'm sure that they will all be just fine.

That's about it for now.  I only briefly spoke to Lara so I'll let you know more later.

Much love,  Grandma

Thanks so much for the great response after the last journal.  It really is fun to see who it is that 's reading the journals and I really encourage all of you to leave us a message. 

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Dear Noah,
Hope the tests today are good news. I heard that you may be coming to UCSF. I know baby Sean would love to have you nearer. We were at Tahoe with him last weekend and he was so much fun. He loves the swimming pool, I bet you taught him to love the water. Sean also is such a happy guy, He smiles and laughs all the time. I rarely have seen him unhappy. I know you had a lot to do with making him laugh when he was younger and staying with you.
Please give our love and prayers to all your family. Terry and Jim Nevin

Posted by: terry nevin | Sep 8, 2005 7:16:12 PM

Hello again,
It's been a long time since I posted. Only because I'm working full-time. I know it's a bad excuse, but true.
I know you are exhausted and weary from your battles so far, but remember that God is with you. I pray that he surround your entire family with peace, courage, and love. May he give you healing and strength for the continued battle.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

This treatment thing sure has it's ups and downs. Don't dispair. Remember people all over the world are lifting you up in prayer, thought, and deed.

I can't wait to see what costume you pick Noah. Maybe you should get two. Costumes are always so much fun. Mom, Dad, and little sis, don't forget to dress up too. Hey, what about the dog too. I've seen costumes for them also. Maybe a whole family of Superhero's!!!

Posted by: Kathy Bemrich Siders | Sep 7, 2005 7:08:57 AM

Hi Sweet Noah and all the troops, Mike and I are so impressed by you and your family these days. You all seem to be exceeding the standard in courage. Tell your mom and dad that we are always thinking of all of you. What are you going to be for Halloween? There are lots of characters to choose from ... and I am sure yours will be the BEST costume of all! We love you all, Mike and Claudia xoxoxoxo

Posted by: Claudia Bishop | Sep 4, 2005 11:35:55 AM

Dear Noah,
Good Morning. I played alphabet Bingo yesterday with the children at school. That is such a great game, because I get to see all the children laugh and smile. When you smile your whole face lights up! Hoping you have many smiles today, Love, Mrs. Armstrong :)

Posted by: Patricia Armstrong | Sep 2, 2005 6:37:53 AM

Hi Noah & co.
We're always reading about you and your adventures, and we still love pulling up your Web site and seeing your smiling face.
Lizze, etc.

Posted by: Lizze Slocum | Aug 31, 2005 1:15:27 PM

Hey Little Man,

Just wanted to see how you were doing. Hope you are still full of energy and smiles. Are you getting "sun on the dome" while you are up here in Scottsdale for a few days? It's alot hotter here than it is in Tucson, so if you are getting sun, don't get too much of it. I hope to talk to you soon my Bald Little Buddy. I LOVE YOU and YOUR FAMILY!! Love, Kylie

Posted by: Kylie Haworth | Aug 30, 2005 10:32:35 PM

Hey Noah. Glad to hear you are doing so well. We miss you lots buddy. Gavin got to start kindergarten and he has a teacher coming to the house. He thinks that is pretty cool. We hope you continue to pull through all this like the tough guy you are. We pray for you every night. Take care buddy.
Mashawn and Gavin

Posted by: Mashawn and Gavin Brunin | Aug 30, 2005 9:56:45 PM

Hi Noah,
It was so great to see you today at La Casa, you and Sarah look like you have grown so much in these last few months. I told William I saw you and he said that he was glad you were feeling better and that he would like to see you. It was so nice to see you looking so well. We'll be praying for your test results come out clear on Friday. Hope you are enjoying your time home with your family and friends. I can relate to your mom because I'd be "freezing" too in Tucson. Keep smiling you brave kid. Love, the Exleys

Posted by: William & Lois Exley | Aug 30, 2005 6:46:58 PM

Hi Noah!! We are here just getting ready for Labor Day weekend. We will be leaving Chicago for a few days and will definately check up on you when we return.. We will be thinking of you and your family and sending up our very biggest prayers for clean, clean scans and fun days!! You are a great kid and you're doing such a great job.. Take care and enjoy being home!!!

Love and Best Wishes for your whole family,

Misha, Phil, Travis and Sofia Newgren

Posted by: misha newgren | Aug 30, 2005 3:41:19 PM

Hi Nelson Clan,

How was Sarah's first day of school...did mommy cry?..Today was Jake's first day of 1st grade and I started to cry and Jake told me he was leaving school if I continued to cry...so I waited until I got back to the privacy of my minivan...

I'm soo happy you all get to spend some time at home...I hope the weather cools down a little...I'm sweating here in No. Ca...and it's only 86 degrees...I guess Lara would consider that freezing??!!!

Noah: we will keep sending good thoughts for all your up coming test...Stay strong...

Take care

Posted by: Ernst Family | Aug 30, 2005 10:14:39 AM

Hey Noah,

It's great to hear that everything seems to be progressing well. We can't believe that you would want to be in Scottsdale right now, but being home can be worth the heat. Ricker and Katie want to ride their bikes to school but I think they are crazy. We have compromised and we will ride to school but the bikes will ride home in the back of the mini van. Big hellos and hugs to you and your family. We hope to see you again sometime soon.

Lots of love and unending prayers!

Posted by: Lisa Cutler | Aug 30, 2005 9:32:33 AM

Noah you better give your mom a big hug from me to help warm her up!!

Sounds like a lot of miles you guys are putting on your cars these days. I hope Sarah enjoys her time at school this week and look forward to more GREAT updates from Grandma Kathy!

Love, Sarah.

Posted by: Sarah | Aug 30, 2005 8:23:16 AM

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