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August 17, 2005

Stem Cell Infusion

Today Noah received his stem cells and all went well.  Lara said it was pretty anticlimactic.  There's been such buildup to this procedure that everyone was prepared for it being really trauamatic but Noah seemed to be able to handle the procedure pretty well.  The stem cells were infused through his tubies so no needles or anesthetic.  I think after everything that Noah has been through that everyone is always expecting the worst.  It just wasn't that bad this time.  Lara said that the one really horrible side effect is that Noah smells really badly but that should go away in about twenty-four hours.  This is caused from the chemo that is left in his body starts to come through his pores.  His body didn't reject the cells and if there was going to be a problem that would usually take place during infusion.  The one bad thing that Noah experienced during infusion is that  he could taste the chemicals when he was being infused and that was starting to make him sick to his stomach.

The other thing that they decided is that Noah's skin rash is probably being caused from the antibiotic that he's been taking.  It is a penicillin derivitive and they changed him to another antibiotic so that the rash should clear up once that medicine is out of his system. It is such a common problem to develop an allergic reaction to penicillin. Fortunately, there are other antibiotics to choose from but now they will always have to keep him away from penicillin drugs.

Sarah and I came up to Scottsdale this morning and Sarah seems really tired so we had a very quiet day with her taking a long nap and going to bed early tonight.  She goes to meet her teacher tomorrow at pre-school.  We will drive back down to Tucson tomorrow so that she can be with her family again.  She will attend pre-school whenever she's in Scottsdale.  It's just not too clear how much she will be here over the course of the next few months.

So that's about it for now.  Noah goes back to the doctor's tomorrow to have all of his counts checked but he should be in pretty good shape over the weekend.  The stem cells should help him to recover pretty quickly.  He is doing better than we expected him to be doing.  We are very grateful for that.  Let's just hope that things keep going like this for a long time.  It's hard to believe that so much has happened in such a short period of time.  Six rounds of chemo, three surgeries and now one mini stem cell rescue is behind him.  There's a long, long way to go but a lot is behind him now as well.

As always keep praying because we need those prayers to keep coming and we do appreciate them.

Much love,  Grandma

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Hi Noah and family... A big thanks to Grandma for all the great updates! We are so thrilled that things are going better today. Noah, tell your parents you want some "dirt fries." They'll remember good ole Dirtbags. They are great fries though! We think of you all often and hope your weekend goes well too.
Take good care.... The Fable Family

Posted by: The Fable Family | Aug 19, 2005 4:30:46 PM

Mr. Noah,

Wow, you rock! I know all of this stuff you have to do is pretty yucky, but you do it like a warrior. I don't think there is a super hero in the universe that could beat you! I am always anxious to hear how your next treatment has gone, I am always a little nervous, but you just put up your super-Noah shield and fight your way through. Don't tell him I said so, but TJ would be whining all the time! You have such and amazing and inspiring attitude! Sometimes I whine, don't tell anyone I said that either, then I think of you and think I should be more like Noah. As a matter of fact more people should be like you and all Mom's should be like your Mom. She rocks too! Keep it up! We miss you and as always, you are in our thoughts and prayers ALL THE TIME!!

Love ya,
The Rileys

Posted by: Pam Riley | Aug 18, 2005 9:25:39 PM

Hey there Noah and Family,
You all continue to amaze us. Your strength and courage is over the top! We think of you daily and continue to pray for each of you. Sarah, have a great time at preschool. Noah, continue to entertain the hospital staff with your fabulous and fun personality. Adults, hang in there.

Love and happy thoughts to all of you!

Laurie, Brad, Carter, Abbie and Chandler

Posted by: Laurie and Brad Ritt | Aug 18, 2005 8:17:59 PM

Hi Noah,

WHEW!!!! Great news!!!! We are soo happy that the stem cells infusion went well...you are AWESOME!!!!

Don't worry about the smell..my little John -Henry really smells sometimes...but we choose to keep him around...smell or no smell ...you and John-Henry are keepers!!!! Ha HA

I hope you and your family have a great weekend!!!

Thanks for thr quick update Grams!!!



Posted by: The Ernst Family | Aug 18, 2005 3:43:43 PM

Way to go, Noah!!!!!!!!! You are totally awesome...keep up the great work!!! Now I hope Grandma Kathy is taking lots of vitamins too. Don't you think she's also very awesome? We sure do. xoxo, Aunt Kathie and Uncle Jerry

Posted by: Kathie Allen | Aug 18, 2005 10:41:23 AM

I'm so happy to hear that the stem cell transplant went well. Great job Noah! Thanks a million for the update.

Posted by: Kristine Kingsley | Aug 18, 2005 10:40:27 AM

Noah, glad to hear your fusion went well. We hope this will help you like it should! Lots of prayers and best wishes are sent to you and all your family! Thank you to your grandma for keeping us in the know.
The Hulls

Posted by: The Hulls | Aug 18, 2005 9:22:30 AM

Hi, I am Eileen Satter one of Noah's 3's preschool teachers. I just wanted to e-mail a hello, and wanted Noah and the Nelson family to know as always they are in my thoughts and prayers every day. I am so very glad to hear that Noah is doing well. Please give my best to the Nelsons' and give Noah a BIG hug from me!!!

Posted by: Eileen Satter | Aug 18, 2005 7:54:35 AM

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