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April 26, 2006

FORE Noah-Volunters Needed

      From: Laurie Ritt
      Hi Everyone,
      10 days and counting to the Second Annual FORE NOAH Golf Tournament. 
      Attached is a sign up sheet for volunteers.  If you can spend some time
      with us on Sunday morning/early afternoon we could use your help.  Please
      email me back and let me know which activity you'd like to be part of. 
      Also, feel free to email this on to friends whom you think are available
      to come and help as well.
      I will confirm back with assignments as I receive them.  If you want to
      hear back from me during the working day, please email me at
      [email protected]
      Thanks in advance for your help!

Please click on Continue Reading if you would like to see the sign up sheet and volunter for one of the posts that needs to be filled.           

2nd Annual FORE Noah Golf Tournament

VOLUNTEER Sign-up List

Please look over the below schedule and indicate where you might be able to help at our 2nd Annual FORE Noah Golf Tournament.  Either email me your preference, at [email protected], or call 480-368-2246 hm or 602-549-3051 cell.


Laurie Ritt

REGISTRATION       7:00am-8:00am                                              1)         _______________

                                                                                                            2)        _______________

                                                                                                            3)        _______________

4)                 _______________

Welcome Families      11:30am-1:00ish                                             1)         _______________

                                                                                    2)        _______________ 


HOLE # 2                                          8:00am-1:00                           1)         _______________

(Hole in One)                                                                                     2)        _______________

$10 per try or golf package

HOLE #12                                          8:00am-1:00                           1)         _______________

(Hole in One)                                                                                     2)        _______________

$10 per try or golf package

Sun Orchard Drink Station             8:00am-1:00                           1)         _______________

Kiosk between Hole 9 & 10                                                              2)        _______________


JUMPER                                             11:30-1:00                              1)         _______________

                                                                                                            2)        _______________

                                                                                                            3)        _______________

JUMPER SLIDE                                 11:30-1:00                              1)         _______________

                                                                                                            2)        _______________

                                                                                                            3)        _______________


TATTOOS                                         11:30-1:30                              1)         _______________

                                                                                                            2)        _______________

3)                 _______________

Face Painting                                     11:30-1:30                              1)         _______________

                                                                                                            2)        _______________

                                                                                                            3)        _______________

Snow Cone Machine*                                    11:00-1:00                              1)         _______________

2)                 _______________

Pop Corn Machine*                            11:00-1:00                              1)         _______________

2)                 _______________

*Snow Cones and Popcorn can be pre-made and stored in coolers/boxes.  You may also need to make additional snow cones and popcorn.

GOLF CLINIC                                    12:00-12:30                            1)         _______________

                                                                                                            2)        _______________

                                                                                                            3)        _______________

                                                                                                            4)        _______________

                                                                                                            5)        _______________

6)        _______________


At any time we can open up the parachute and use it, blow up beach balls to hit around, use the jump ropes/hula hoops, etc.  We’d need adults to help with these games.  If you see a group of kids that need some structure feel free to set up and play with them in one of these activities.  If we don’t use them, that is ok as well.

As we don’t know the exact number of kids coming, please be understanding with this schedule.  We put a few people at each area thinking that people could take turns helping within the time frame.

Raffle Ticket Sales:  If you are interested in selling raffle tickets please let me know.  They are $10 each or 3 for $25.  Please let patrons know that if they plan to leave before we pull the tickets, they can still win a prize as long as their name and phone number are on the back of their tickets. 

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April 18, 2006

April in New York

Lara and Noah are back in New York and staying in one of the newly refurbished rooms at the Ronald McDonald House.  It's spring in New York and its nice to be there when it's warm and light instead of the dark and cold of winter.  Once again, they were met at the airport by Ken and had dinner with Jaye Bea and her family upon arrival on Sunday evening.  This time things are a bit different for Noah and the days spent at Sloan Kettering are much longer.  In the past, he would be given an injecton of a white blood cell stimulant by Lara in the morning. Now, he is getting an infusion of the drug which takes a few hours and has to be done at the hospital.  So, they are at the hospital most of the day.

I will be going to stay with Sarah on Saturday so that Andy can join Noah and Lara in New York on Sunday.  I know that will be a nice welcome after this long week is over.    It will be nice not only to have Andy  there with them but also to help them get home. Noah is scheduled to have a bone marrow aspiration next Friday before they return home.  Normally, this is done on the following Monday after all of the 3F8 treatments have been completed but the Nelsons are wanting to be home for the Golf Tournament on Sunday, April 30 so the doctors have agreed to do the procedure on Friday.  That's going to be a rough day but at least Noah won't be going back to New York for another eight weeks rather than the three week schedule that he has been following.

May should be a really good month with going to school and playing t-ball when he gets home.  Even better than that is the Make a Wish Foundation will be sending the Nelson family on a Disney Cruise in the Bahamas where Noah is hoping to swim with the dolphins.  The 3F8 is very painful but hopefully the next week and a half will go by quickly for Noah.  Please keep him in your prayers because these treatments are no walk in the park but Noah always manages to power through them just as he has everything else that's been thrown at him in the last year.

Lara asks that everyone turn their golf tournament information into Laurie Ritt as soon as possible.  I'm so glad that I will be attending the festivities this year.  I missed it last year and am really looking forward to seeing so many of you who follow Noah's progress on this website. 

I just wanted to give you a little update.  I'll let you know if anything interesting happens but that's it for now.

Love,  Grandma

We haven't heard from many of you in awhile.  Please take the time to leave a message.  It's fun for Noah when he's not feeling well to know who's reading the journal. 

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April 09, 2006

Tournament Crunch Time

We are exactly 3 weeks away from the 2nd Annual Fore Noah Golf Tournament so it's time to put on the charity rally caps.  Our goal is to top last year's stellar $42K mark and we'll need a hard push to get us over the top this year.  While we'll be tallying the details of where we stand today, one thing is for sure - we need more golfers, big ticket auction items and hole sponsors.  Please reach out to your local network again and shake some trees!  We have an unbelievable opportunity in front of us to make a major contribution to Neuroblastoma research.  Because Longbow G.C. has offered up the golf course 'free of charge', ALL monies raised at the tourney will go directly to the cause.  A few things to remember as we continue the hunt for new invitees and donations:

  • CNCF is a 501 (c) (3) public charity - take advantage of the tax benefit
  • Advertising - Hole sponsors will be recognized on the golf course through hole signage
  • Ask your buddy's buddy to create his/her own foursome
  • You don't need to attend the event to make a difference - any/all donations are welcome
  • Last year's event was a blast for all ages - plenty for kids to do, too!

See the web link off to the right of this page for the registration form and event information.

Quick Noah update:  he has been doing very well over the past few weeks.  School, buddy time, fishing, swimming, bike riding, etc have all strengthened his lungs, muscles and mind.  His appetite is back in full swing.  He is looking forward to the tournament as well as his Make a Wish trip in May - Disney Cruise to the Bahamas and further to Disney World.

Today we decorated Easter eggs.  Since Lara and Noah will be en route to NYC on Easter Sunday, the Easter bunny will be visiting the Nelson household on Saturday morning.

Thanks again to everyone's help to make this year's tournament a huge success!


The Nelson clan

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