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December 15, 2006

A Sigh of Relief

Noah_and_sarah_xmas_2006 After a 24 hour roller coaster ride, we are happy to report that Noah's MIBG Scan and CT Scan show No Evidence of Disease.  We are still waiting on Urine test results and Bone Marrows, but feel very good about the results thus far.  Noah has been NED 20 months!!!!

Noah continues to have random unexplained elevated liver enzymes and we will continue to monitor them.   The doctors can give us little explanation to why this keeps happening.  His little body has been through so much over the last two years and it seems he has a hard time filtering various drugs through his liver at times.  He has been tested for Hepatitis and we should have results next week.  The doctors are confused as to what would elevate the enzymes, but are much less concerned since remains NED.

While at Sloan the doctors retested Noah's HAMA, since he was borderline on his results last week.  It seems that after 7 rounds of 3f8 antibodies, Noah may have developed(HAMA) an antibody to the antibody.  We will have results next week and we would love for him to be HAMA negative and to get one more round of 3f8 in.

Noah and Andy return from New York tomorrow and Sarah is excited to have us back to "happy family."  Noah showed dad around Manhattan and took him to his favorite hot spots.  They also got to spend some Holiday Time with the Smalley Family.  Sarah spent some time with mom and it is apparent the constant shuffling is beginning to wear on her.  We are anxious to get back to normal routines out of the cancer world and breathe easy for the next 3 months.   We plan to spend the Holidays at home together.

Please keep all of the Neuroblastoma Warriors in your thought and prayers.  There has been much sadness lately with many of our cancer friends.  We must enjoy every moment to the fullest and be thankful for every day we have with Noah.

Thank you to all of our amazing friends and family that have donated to Noah's giving tree on Lunch for Life.  It is a great way to bring us closer to a cure.

Please take the time to donate $5 to lunch for life for Noah's giving tree.    https://www.lunchforlife.org/donate.aspx  All funds go toward finding a cure for this hideous disease.  Noah giving Tree code is 19465.

Happy Holidays to everyone and thanks for checking in on us.

The Nelsons

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December 11, 2006

Fore Noah 2007


Join us for the 3rd annual "FORE NOAH" Golf Tournament to benefit Noah and Neuroblastoma cancer research.

When: Sunday, April 29th, 8:00 AM
Where: Longbow Golf Club, 5601 East Longbow Parkway in Mesa (View Map)


We thank Longbow Golf Club for the generous donation of their facilities for our event.  As a result, we are able to donate 100% of the event's proceeds directly to the cause.

For more information, contact us at [email protected]

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