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January 10, 2007

On the Go

Happy New Year!  We hope 2007 brings everyone good health, peace, and well-being.

Plenty has happened since the last update.  First off, Noah's balance of scans and tests came back favorable for us.  It was a great relief and a Merry XMAS for the Nelsons.  We also found out that we'll be going back for at least one more round of 3F8.  We retested the HAMA levels 7 days after the initial results and found that his HAMA levels came down - indicating that his body isn't producing enough of the antibody to keep it at the desired count.  This is fine with us...we're OK with another round of antibodies.  So, Noah and Lara are off to NYC this coming Sunday and will return on that Friday night.  Sarah and I will assume the routine at home with school, gym, soccer and friends.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in Noah's Giving Tree / Lunch for Life this year.  As of Day 101 of this year's Lunch for Life campaign, the organization has raised $250,000 toward Neuroblastoma research.  These dollars will fund a good number of grants and studies to help find the cure.

We are ramping up the effort to launch the 3rd Annual Fore Noah Tournament benefiting Neuroblastoma Research.  The event is confirmed for Sunday, April 29th, 2007.  You don't need to play golf to make a difference.  Please visit the Fore Noah link of this website to find out the many ways you can participate and support the cause.  It's a grassroots effort, so please reach out to your network and spread the word.  Our goal is to beat the 2006 fundraising effort of $52K!  Thanks in advance to everyone for their participation.

With Love, the Nelsons

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