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February 04, 2007


Hi Everyone! Noah is HAMA Positive and officially off of all treatments!!

Banner_2 We are gearing up for for the 3rd Annual FORE NOAH Charity Golf Tournament and Family Barbecue on April 29th, benefiting Childrens Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation.  We are in need of raffle items, auction items, golfers, and hole sponsors.  It is an amazing family event and you do not have to be a golfer to attend.  The golfing will start at 8am and the family events begin at noon.  The Barbecue Company will cater the after golf party and there will be a silent auction, raffle, kids golf clinic, bounce house and much more.  Please come to support the cause and help raise money to find a cure for Neuroblastoma.  To register for the tournament, make an individual or corporate donation, or participate in a Corporate Hole Sponsorship, download the registration form link below

Noah continues to enjoy a "normal" routine.  He is enjoying kindergarten, soccer, karate and the chess club.  Life is good.  He completed his 8th round of antibodies in mid January and he is now HAMA postive.  He has completed the clinical trial at Sloan and he is done with all treatment.  It is exciting and scary to think of no more treatment when Noah is still not considered cured.  After 6 rounds of chemo, 3 transplants, 12 rounds of radiation, 6 rounds of accutane, 70 antibody treatments, Noah has finally completed his treatment.  We hope to never enter that world again.

We will be returning to Sloan on March 18th for testing.  Testing week is like being brought to the edge of a cliff and looking down and hoping that you are not pushed off.  Please keep Noah in your thoughts during this week.  March 5th marks 2 years from diagnosis.

Always remember that no news is good news.  We are simply busy enjoying life.

Thanks for checking in on us and for your continued support.

Lara, Andy, Noah and Sarah


Join us for the 3rd annual "FORE NOAH" Golf Tournament to benefit Neuroblastoma cancer research! 

When: Sunday, April 29th, 8:00 AM
Where: Longbow Golf Club, 5601 East Longbow Parkway in Mesa (View Map)


Thanks to LONGBOW GOLF CLUB and other underwriters of the event, ALL PROCEEDS will go directly to the Children’s Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation (CNCF). To find out more about the event and how you can participate, please download the Registration Form below.

Download fore_noah_registration_form_2007.doc

For more information, contact us at [email protected]

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Hi Noah and family!!! Bob and I are really looking forward to your big tournament and event! The weather should be great and the activities will be set up and ready to go for you and all of your friends!!!! My grandchildren, Claire and Hudson are already talking about it.Did you buy any cool stuff in Mexico? So happy you are feeling so good and can't wait to see you there!! Fondly, Jane and Bob McNichols

Posted by: Jane McNichols | Apr 15, 2007 4:18:58 PM

Good luck next week, Noah- we'll be thinking about you. We're looking forward to seeing all of you next month; we can't wait to introduce you & Sarah to your second cousins!

Carrie, Brad, Kylie, & Jenna

Posted by: Brad, Carrie, Kylie, & Jenna Skibitzki | Mar 16, 2007 9:49:46 AM

Hi you guys. Sounds like you are super busy with all your activities. I am glad to hear things are going well. I can't believe two years! You are an amazing kid Noah. I have been thinking about you guys alot. As always you are in my prayers. Good luck with the golf tournament, wish I could be there. Lorri

Posted by: Lorri kampfner | Feb 25, 2007 10:23:44 PM

Hi there,

Well I certainly understand your mixed feelings about being off treatment. Just enjoy each and every day and know that Noah will always remain in our prayers. We'll see you in March - we arrive the same time for Ryan's last round of 3F8. Maybe we'll scare up a chess board and the boys can play. Ryan knows a how to play bit but maybe Noah can teach him a few strategic moves!!

Take care.

Norma and Ryan

Posted by: Norma Reardon | Feb 16, 2007 12:17:08 PM

Hi there. I wish I could make it over for the Golf Competion.

Noah, Keep fighting this monster. as always you are all close to my heart and deep in my Prayers.

I found this on another site and think it says how you and all the other Mothers feel just before test day.

Written by a Mother of two children Fighting with Cancer.

What its like to have a child with cancer

Picture your child sitting in the middle of the street
Picture yourself in your home watching your child
From the window.
Everything inside you wants to reach out and save them
But you can't get out, all you can do is watch and pray that
God is watching over them
You see them fall and cry for you to make it all better
But you can't get to them, they can see you and see your tears
And maybe hear your voice through all their tears.
You pray God will keep them safe.
You hear a car in the distance, but never know how far away it is, some days it seems really close other days even closer.
You know that at an moment that car may come and change your world all over again, in a split second you can be back to were you were when this all started or worse yet, the fight may be over.
Some days you start to feel a little more safe and back up from that window, walk over to the coach and sit down, when just then you hear that car again and in a second you are one with that window again, all those fears you tried so hard to put aside are back, more intense this time, feeling guilty for having let your guard down. It makes leaving that window the next time that much harder. We want to keep them close at all times for fear of the unthinkable.
At night when you leave their side to go to bed, you take one more quick peek at them to make sure all is well. You lay in your bed hoping to see them tomorrow, not wanting that day to end, for as hard as it was that day they are here with you, and tomorrow is filled with the unknown, every day, night after night these are our fears. We are exhausted in every way. Our prayers from one night would fill God's book a million times over.
All you can do is pray to God to spare them, let them be safe.
From that window you see the fear in their eyes, their hopes of the future, such a small child sitting their all alone,surrounded by love, but alone,fighting so hard, not wanting to let you down, for they are very smart,they know our sorrows.
Seeing your child sit there,wanting to help with all your might,
But knowing in the end its them and their bodies that must do all the work, so much to ask of such a little person.
You'd never let your child sit there in the street, knowing that they could be taken from you at any moment, you would not just sit there and stare at them and pray to God to save them, you fd pick them up, wrap your arms around them and hold them forever, keeping them safe.
Yet that is what us parents of children with cancer are asked to do every day. Let them sit there and watch and wait and pray, pray hard.
Yes, I believe in God, but that doesn't stop my mother instincts to want to do something to help them.
How do we put everything we learned as parents aside, and simply hand it all over to God? How is it decided which child shall live and which child will pass on? Why is it that some children struggle so very hard and win their battle only to have it return with much more vengeance? Why do some children sail right through their treat‚ ent and then die suddenly? How are we to make sense of any of this? With each clinic appt. brings the possibility of a relapse, no matter how great they look or how wonderful they feel. If only we could judge their health by the way they look on the outside.
We are supposed to protect them, to keep them safe from harm, who said cancer could make all the calls? I never agreed to that, I am their mother and I will fight for them, with every ounce of my being.
Cancer may be calling the shots, but it will not win this game, not with my children, not with any of our children, we are so very weak, but so very strong, this bravery we have we get from our children, our little heroes, fighting every day with all their might.
Pray for them.

Posted by: Dale Harrison angel wings | Feb 13, 2007 8:21:12 PM

Hi Noah,
Kindergarten, soccer, karate AND chess club, WOW, when do you have time to sleep! That is great! I saw your Dad and sister Sarah at La Casa yesterday. They were having fun at Dad's day. Special thoughts and prayers for you and your family on Valentine's Day and March 18th. Love, Mrs. Armstrong :)

Posted by: Patricia Armstrong | Feb 11, 2007 7:28:03 AM

Hey Noah,
You're such a strong, brave guy! We are praying for you.
You & your family are always in our thoughts & prayers. It's so wonderful to hear your good news!
Love, the Exleys

Posted by: William & Lois Exley | Feb 10, 2007 10:26:40 PM

Hey. This is the announcement I have been certain I would one day read here, and I am so glad the wait is OVER.
Who rocks, Noah, who rocks? You do!!!
With love & big grins & thanks for making our day,
Lizze and family

Posted by: Lizze Slocum | Feb 8, 2007 10:08:35 PM

Hey Noah & Family ... reading your 2/4/07 update has made my day!! Way to Gooooo ... NOAH!!!! It makes my heart sing to know you are doing so well.

Lara & Family ... you all are in my daily prayers ... I will add the March testing week to my list.

God is so good ... God bless you all ... Love, Ms. Joy

Posted by: Joy Drake | Feb 8, 2007 7:41:20 AM

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