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May 01, 2007

Thank You

Noah_ball1 We would like to thank everyone that helped in making the 3rd Annual Fore Noah Tournament and Barbeque a HUGE success. $75,000 was raised this year for neuroblastoma research.  A warm thank you goes out the McNichols Family for donating Longbow Golf Course.  We would not be successful without them.  Thank you to Laurie Ritt for running the silent auction/raffle, thank you to Rick Armijo for the incredible signs, Stephanie Sherwood for running all of the kid events, the Barbeque Co and Shamrock foods for the catering, the incredible Longbow Staff and especially Jay Larsheid, our wonderful families,  Rene Brofft for EVERYTHING, The Kingsleys and Allens for getting up early with us, all of our wonderful volunteers, and  thank you to everyone that attended the event.  We all had so much fun and look forward to next years event.  Noah enjoyed every minute of the day.  It is truly a magical day for everyone involved.

Noah continues to do well.  He is feeling good and acting as a normal 7 year old boy should.  After everything that Noah has been through, he has had many long term side effects that we are now dealing with.  Noah had severe high frequency hearing loss from chemo and antibiotics. There have been times in class that he has been unable to hear the teacher and he has had a speaker box placed on his desk to help him hear during class.  The teacher wears a microphone and her voice is amplified into the speaker.  He is excited about the new box.  Let us hope that the money that was raised at the golf tournament will help researchers find a less toxic treatment for these kids.  Most protocols for pediatric cancers are based on therapies developed for adults and they all come with a price.  Hearing loss, chronic pain, elevated liver enzymes, sinus issues, sterility, immune deficiency, dental problems, stunted growth, fatigue are all part of what these cancer kids are faced with for years to come.  We are all happy to deal with these problems because it is better than the alternative.  Unfortunately most neuroblastoma kids do not live long enough to have these problems to deal with.  We are blessed by how well Noah has done over the last 2 years.

As always, no news is good news.  Noah is scheduled back in NYC for scans June 22nd.  There will be a full work up at that time and a meeting with the late effects group while we are there.  Please keep Noah in your thoughts during these times.

Thanks again for checking in on Noah.

The Nelsons

Please keep Nick Franca and his family in your thoughts and prayers.  Nick has just relapsed and starts chemo Monday.  We have spent much time with him and his family at Disney and in NY. 

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